Friday, 23 May 2008

Content Management Systems in France CMS

We have selected what we believe to be the very best Content Management System available on the market. We provide this service with custom designed skins to reflect a new or existing website design - we can take pretty much any existing website design and incorporate it almost exactly into our content management system. Often the only difference is that there is a login link on the page!

Here is a brief explaination of what a Content Management System is:

What is a Content Management System, or CMS?

It maybe obvious but perhaps it should be said that a content management system is quite simply - a system that manages content.

It is the obviousness of what a Content Management System/CMS is and can do, that has created a certain amount of confusion amongst potential purchases of such a system. Wrapped up in a seemingly harmless statement is enough ambiguity to enable all kinds of products to masquerade as content management solutions.

To understand what a content management system/CMS actually does, we have to first define :

  • what are we referring to when we talk about content?
  • what does management mean in terms of CMS?
  • what do we mean by a system?

What is Content Management System?

Content is in essence, any type or 'unit' of digital information. It can be text, images, graphics, video, sound, documents, records etc - or in other words - anything that is likely to be managed in an electronic format.

What is Content Management System?

Content Management is effectively the management of the content described above, by combining rules, process and/or workflows in such a way that its electronic storage is deemed to be 'managed' rather than 'un-managed'.

What is the Content Management System?

The system itself is definable as a tool or combination of tools that facilitate the efficient and effective production of the desired 'output' using the managed content.

To combine all three, we can say;

"A Content Management System/CMS is a tool that enables a variety of (centralised) technical and (de-centralised) non technical staff to create, edit, manage and finally publish (in a number of formats) a variety of content (such as text, graphics, video, documents etc), whilst being constrained by a centralised set of rules, process and workflows that ensure coherent, validated electronic content."

In non technical terms a content management system allows you to update your website from any computer connected to the Internet without the need for HTML/programming skills or specialist software. All you need is Internet Explorer or Firefox and an Internet connected computer.

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