Thursday, 5 June 2008

Website Design in France - The website is dead long live the website!

Brittany Internet website design in France is going from strength to strength. Partly due to the implementation of its latest Content Management System.

Brittany Internet has over 15 years experience in website design and has identified that the days of static website design is now over. The website is dead long live the website!

Yes that's right but thanks to our Content Management System we are able to rapidly develop new website designs for our clients and empower them with the ability to easily update and manage their own websites themselves with no HTML/programming skills required. Wait it gets better, the clients do not even require any specialist software to upload and edit their websites, all is done online thanks to our Content Management System.

So if it's so easy what do we do.... well there is the look/skin for the website design, that has to be created to suite the requirements of the website client, then there is the creation of the initial website content to get the client going and finally SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. After this we are available to hold the clients hand if they want anything special doing to their website/website design.

The biggest benefit for us is that the website can be developed more quickly with better interaction with our client. The biggest benefit for the client is the cost of developing a new website design is much less and they can perform everyday updates in house.

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