Friday, 20 June 2008

Thanks to Microsoft Vista, I'm going Linux :)

Well it would appear that there aren't any great HTML development apps available on Linux so I guess I'll be sticking with Windows XP for a while yet on my main PC.

However thanks to a m8 of mine in France I've been messing about with a version of linux called Mint Linux It's been going great, much better than when I tried Linux a few years ago. However I'm having some CPU 100% issues so will try an alternative Linux called Puppy Linux.

Last time I tried Linux I had loads of problems getting Wifi to work, in fact I think I gave up. This time it's worked perfectly and I'm seriously considering removing the NTFS partion from my laptop hard drive and just running Linux!

Just got to try another couple of flavours of Linux to make sure I've got the right one...

Thanks Micro$oft for making Windows Vista such a horrible upgrade prospect - you've opened my eyes to Linux :)

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